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Published on December 26, 2017

Dr Nita Thakre from tells you about the much less discussed topic of Vaginal Discharge & Intimate Hygiene In case of any doubt you can ask your queries privately at Download our App to talk to the doctor Visit for all the information on Intimate Hygiene. Like us on to know about our next Workshop on Intimate Hygiene. Intimate hygiene is often a rare topic of conversation. And even women also at times, refrain to speak about the intimate hygiene disturbances, signs and symptoms to the doctors due to feeling of embarrassment. Ultimately females and their intimate and reproductive health suffers in the long run. More less than often, intimate hygiene habits and resultant infections eventually do affect both the intimate health and well-being of both the sexual partners. The disturbances in intimate hygiene health often go ignored, untreated. It is many times difficult for a female to question or discuss with her partner about maintaining his own intimate hygiene. Refusal to accept the lapse at one’s own intimate hygiene and opposing to take the medication for getting treated for infections is very common occurrence among many females and males. For a sexually active couple, both partners are equally responsible for maintaining their own individual intimate hygiene, so as to not affect the health of the other one. This video will help you understand why it is important look out for any abnormal Vaginal discharge and other crucial signs and symptoms which we normally choose to ignore

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